Macronutrients and Micronutrients for Fat Loss

My Fat Loss Crash Course contains fundamental principles of fat loss. Now you need to make a plan, follow it and you will get a result. I break down fat loss in 4 stages. I will break down every step to make sure it is clear and you know exactly what to do.

Four Stages of Fat Loss

  • Setting a fat loss goal
  • Making a fat loss plan
  • Executing the plan
  • Accessing the progress

Setting a Fat Loss Goal

You need to set certain goals to measure your progress. In addition to your final goal, you need to track your weekly progress. The fat loss rate of about 2 pounds per week is considered optimal, so losing 8 lb in a month is a goal to aim for. You can do long term calculations based on the 8 lb a month.

You might want to aim to look a certain way before a certain event such a vacation, weddings, etc. However, one thing I learned the hard way and the thing many people don’t talk about is the fact that you are probably fatter than you think.

At one point I was 95 kg (209 lbs) and I thought that as soon as I reached 85 kg (187 lbs) I would look like a different person, however, I dropped below 85kg and despite huge improvements, I still wasn’t completely satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. I simply underestimated the amount of weight I need to lose to achieve my ideal.

This might happen, but don’t be discouraged. Adjust your plan and keep moving towards your goal.

Making a Fat Loss Plan

You will have to have a sound diet and exercise plan. Both diet and exercise options were discussed before, so you need to pick what works for you and build it in your lifestyle.

Diet can be simple 2000 cal a day separated in 3 meals and precisely measured. Diet can be intermittent fasting with a 6 hours feeding window.

Exercise can be a walk with a dog in the park for an hour every day. Exercise can be a strict weight lifting program with a personal trainer 5 times a week.

Point is, you need a plan and you need to follow through with it.

Executing the Plan

This part is simple, once you make a plan, you start doing what you planned. Don’t wait for a special moment. Time is right now. Keep in mind that you will have bad days. You will eat over your calories, you will skip your training session, etc. Don’t let your bad days pull you back to the life with negative habits. Just start over. I have felt off of the bandwagon of proper fitness more times than I care to count and\or to admit. Just get back into the routine.

Also, while an occasional movie night with pizza and wine might be bad for your diet, it might help you mentally unload. Don’t use it as a reason to overeat every other night, but such an occasion might help you mentally. Keep in mind what if you do it too much, your progress will stop. This leads up to the next point.

Accessing the Progress

Always track your progress to make sure you are on the right track. If you see no progress or little progress, think of where you are screwing up. It is almost always overeating, so you will have to figure out exactly where the problem is. Maybe your cheating day is so calorie-dense that it kills progress for the entire week? Maybe there are hidden calories you don’t account for?

For example, your vegetable salad may contain only 50 calories, while dressing is 250. So, simply overlooking dressing can bump a salad to be more calorie-dense than a snicker bar. Either use zero calorie alternatives for dressing, such as vinegar, lemon juice, spices, etc, or keep track of dressing calories. Such a simple thing as dressing can throw you off a few hundred calories, no imagine how many calories might go unnoticed during the day.

So, you might have to track calories precisely to avoid fat loss plateau and disappointment in this case.

Once you make changes, you keep going with your plan and track how effective the changes. Rinse and repeat until you reach your goals.


You must become the master of your life to leave it to the fullest, but if you can’t master your body, how much can you do with other aspects of your life? It is hard, but once you develop the optimum lifestyle, being fit will be a part of you. If I have it in me, you have it in you. Whatever your goal is, your perfect body is, it waits for you on the other end of the path, you just need to start moving towards it. Step by step, every day. I gave you a road map, now it is on you to get there. Good luck!

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