Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes is not a strange medical term anymore as nearly all households in the world have encountered it at one point. There is no cure for type 2 diabetes and no doubt diabetes management is a complex process. However, some researches shows that prediabetes and diabetes can be reversed through diet changes, exercises and weight loss.

Diabetes Causes

Before you can understand what causes diabetes, it’s good for you to know that there are two main types which are triggered by different things. Type 1 diabetes is a situation in which the body is unable to make its own insulin while Type 2 refers to diabetes characterized by inadequate production or inability to utilize insulin. Insulin is a major influence in this condition as it enables your body to absorb the glucose you ingest.

Obesity is probably the biggest cause of diabetes as the excess weight is mainly brought on by intake of too much sugar, fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle which doesn’t encourage proper conversion of glucose into useful energy. Genetics are another major cause of diabetes but there is little explanation as to why this happens. If you have family members that live with diabetes, you should be careful if you want to avoid it. The lack of exercise is also a reason why so many people are suffering from diabetes today.

When people discover that they have diabetes at whatever stage in life, they are utterly devastated knowing that they will have to live on strong medication to keep its effects at bay. However, you should know that getting a diagnosis to this effect doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be on pills for the rest of your life. It is indeed possible to reverse diabetes as long as you are consistent, dedicated and ready to make major lifestyle changes.

The journey to a diabetes-free life starts with changing your diet preferences. If you are fond of fatty foods, snacks carbonated drinks it is better to change as these choices will make you obese. This doesn’t mean that you should eliminate any foods from your diet but rather that you should eat a balanced diet from all groups. Making dietary changes shouldn’t condemn you to bland, boring meals as there are several ingenious recipes to utilize for a tantalizing meal without heavy consequences.

There are many food options for one to choose in order to reverse diabetes but that is not the only thing you need to do. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it is time for you to get up and work out like your life depends on it. Regular exercise helps one to burn extra fats and lose weight thereby removing the risk of obesity, the leading cause of the diabetes condition.

The Bottom Line

Many people have been able to reverse the damning condition by making deliberate changes to their way of life and so should you. Reversing diabetes is by no means easy or speedy but it is the only way to guarantee good health overall as there is a close link between diabetes and other life-threatening conditions like blood pressure and cardiovascular anomalies.

Grabbing a quick meal after work or spending time at your desk, couch or car seems ideal but all that pleasure comes at a high price. Avoid constant indulgence if you hope to reverse this condition and get back to living life with some semblance of normality. Changing your lifestyle will not only protect you from this disease but it will impact future generations by encouraging proper lifestyle choices to reduce economic stress in the world.


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