Fat Loss Crash Course

With the progress of modern civilization, food became more and more cheap and abundant. While this progress helps reduce hunger all over the world, in wealthier countries it caused the opposite effect, an abundance of food leads to an increase in obesity.

The entire industry has sprung up to address the problem of obesity in the modern westernized world, from various types of gyms to a supplement industry, from a variety of online courses and books to the huge availability of personal trainers. With such a boom in the fitness industry, there is a lot of information available on the subject from a variety of sources like blogs, fitness magazines, other gym-goers, etc. Some of the info you receive is good, some of it is outdated and some info is wrong.

I have been doing physical training in various capacities for over 14 years and I have seen many things and tried them. Over time I found the most effective ways of fat loss for me.

Notice, I did mention and put emphasis on my part. On the one hand, there are certain ways the human body operates and works, and you can't do any magic which overwrites human biology. On the other hand, people are different. People live in different areas, come from different backgrounds, and live different lifestyles. Therefore, there can't be a cookie-cutter approach. You, as an individual, should play around and try different ways and get the most optimal solution. No plug-and-play method will work for everyone.

It is very tempting to buy a universal "fat-burning extreme diet", but even if the base of it this diet pretty good, you still will have to play around with it to fit your lifestyle.

One thing you need to realize is rarely if ever a cookie-cutter plan will fit you perfectly. There will be some modifications required to make it work for you.

It will take time, but you should not worry about how long it takes. You did not gain weight in a week, you will not lose it in a week. It is a long game we are playing here, so find what works best for you, stick with it and do your best to enjoy your journey.

With this out of the way, let's get started.

Part 2. Understanding of Human Body Energy Consumption


I am not a doctor, a certified nutritionist, or a professional coach. I am just a guy who struggled with weight and who learned on his own mistakes and got plenty of experience to share with others.

This guide is not meant to be used, nor should it be used, as medical advice or to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

Consult a licensed physician before starting any physical exercise or a diet plan and before using any supplements.

Writer and publisher shall not be held liable for any damages and negative consequences caused by use or misuse of these series of articles and any material provided or referred to in it.

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