Macronutrients and Micronutrients for Fat Loss

Nothing in life is always perfect. Dudes who claim that they are always highly motivated and always energized are lying. Sometimes you need some weight loss motivation to force yourself to get up and go to the gym. Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking the meal and you would much rather just get some shitty food at the drive-thru. It will happen and it will probably happen more often than not.

You got to force yourself. Sometimes getting some coffee before the workout will help you, but sometimes you will just have to force yourself to get up and go to the damn gym.

Just do it, as a saying goes. It is much easier said than done, but weight loss is not easy, period. This is why so many people are fat because weight loss requires a lot of dedication. Just realize that not feeling it is normal, don’t buy into the fake pictures of enthusiasm you see on Instagram. Have a final goal in mind and realize that you are doing all the suffering for a bigger reason which will be worth it in the end.

Weight loss motivation works. I do watch certain videos and listen for certain music to fire me up for the particular workout. However, motivation appears as fast as it disappears, it is very easy to lose it. You need to look forward to your goal to see what drives you to reach your final goal.

What drives you? What is your fat loss reason?

Why do you need to lose weight? Fat loss for the sake of fat loss is not going to work. There are many reasons why you decided to get on a path of fitness.

Your doctor told you that you are prediabetic and diet changes, as well as a fat loss, is essential to avoid lifelong health conditions.

You are a high school senior about to graduate who aspires to become an infantry soldier, but your current weight prevents you from enlistment.

You want to make sure you will be healthy and active for your very first grandchild who is about to be born.

You want to be attractive to the opposite sex.

There are a dozen more reasons to lose weight and no reason is better than the other. The main thing is if it works for you.

I can personally tell you that vanity was a huge weight loss motivation for me. While blood panel numbers are just numbers, increased attention from the opposite sex did much more for my motivation than a conscious understanding of my overall health improvement.

If vanity works for you as good as it worked for me, absolutely use it. Or find any other reason. Or more than one reason. In the end, your desires which drive you will work better than anything anyone else would tell you.

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