How To Get Rid Of Acne FAST
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How to get rid of acne FAST? Easier than you can imagine!
There are a TON of anti-acne creams and serums on the market; some are better than others
If you pick the correct treatment, you can clear your skin fast without spending a lot of money!

The Best (Also Affordable) Anti-Acne Serums And Creams

Here is the simple, no-nonsense guide to acne treatment that works (and will not break your bank either).

I already covered how to wash your face correctly. In this article, I will discuss the best anti-acne serums and creams. I will tell you what to put on your face (without burning it) to get rid of acne as fast as possible.

Anti-Acne Serums And Creams

There are a TON of anti-acne creams, serums, and other stuff to put on your face and potentially even burn it if you are not careful (been there, done that. More than once).

If you like experiments on yourself, feel free to do the same thing I did and show up to work with a face redder than after you blacked out in the middle of the day in Cancun.

Alternatively, read my short guide on the best practices and save yourself from the embarrassment and awkward explanations (and save your skin from damage).

Two of the most common acne treatments are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. You can find those ingredients in serums, creams, and face washes.

Anti-Acne Serums And Creams

Benzoyl Peroxide

For a long while, I used benzoyl peroxide cream. It works very well, but it has two downsides:

  • It tends to dry skin (if you are not careful).
  • It stains any fabric it touches and leaves ugly rusty spots.

It served me well in the past, so feel free to experiment with it. Use a 5% cream to start with such as Perrigo Benzoyl Peroxide.

Use the 10% cream such as AcneFree Terminator once you can handle the active ingredient.

I used it at night and put a towel over the pillow, so I would not ruin the pillowcase.

I also used it when I am at home in general. The reason is simple: if you are out, sweating a bit, and sweat mixed with benzoyl peroxide gets on your clothes, you better wash it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be left with ugly rusty stains which are impossible to remove.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid, or beta hydroxy acid, is one of the most gentle acne-fighting compounds (unless you bathe in a 20% solution). Salicylic acid is the answer if you have sensitive skin and difficulty handling other active ingredients.

It is also great for other skin issues like hyperpigmentation.

CeraVe SA Cleanser is a very mild and effective face washed with salicylic acid.

To use salicylic acid serum, start with a low concentration of 2%, for example Pure Original Ingredients Salicylic Acid 2% Solution.

You can go higher, to Salicylic Acid 5% Solution, but get it with a neutralizer since it can get burny for some people.

Experiment with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid if you want (don't mix them together, please). Those two are legitimate active ingredients that work.

However, two other treatment options are far less known but are the most effective.

Two Best Acne-Fighting Active Ingredients (Cheap and Effective)

Azelaic Acid

Azelaic Acid is the best morning-time active ingredient for acne treatment. In addition to treating acne, it unclogs pores and reduces redness on the face.

Thus, it helps increase your skin health and beauty fast!

Naturium Azelaic Topical Acid 10% is a very effective and affordable option. It also contains additional ingredients -


  • Regulates sebum production
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduce acne scars


Vitamin C in the form of ethyl ascorbic acid:

  • Prevents premature aging
  • Reduces skin imperfections
  • Inhibit excess melanin production

Paula's Choice BOOST 10% Azelaic Acid is the ULTIMATE acne-fighting cream. In addition to azelaic acid, it includes salicylic acid to get rid of the pimples and clear your skin even faster!

Get Naturium Azelaic Topical Acid if you want the overall skincare serum with acne-fighting ability, and Paula's Choice BOOST 10% Azelaic Acid if you want an ultimate weapon against pimples and blackheads.


Differin Adapalene Prescription Strength Retinoid Gel 0.1% is the king of your fight against acne. This is THE BEST active ingredient to get rid of pimples. Adapalene is the retinoid that speeds up cell turnover, thus effectively combating acne and clogged pores.

Since retinoids are sensitive to the sunlight, this will be your nighttime routine staple.

Adapalene and azelaic acid are THE BEST COMBO to clear your face fast! Next, I will tell you the easy routine that helped me eliminate pimples, clear my face, and keep my skin healthy.

DISCLAIMER (not a boring one, I promise!)

I am not a certified aesthetician, cosmetologist, or dermatologist. I am a dude in my mid-thirties who had acne issues for the last two decades. If you have a solution or treatment you are considering, I have probably already tried it for you.

Except using toothpaste on your acne. Don't do it, it is stupid.


How To Get Rid Of Acne FASTHow To Get Rid Of Acne FAST Part 1 - Intro And Anti-Acne Cleansers

How to get rid of acne FAST? Easier than you can imagine! If you use the correct skincare protocol, you can improve your skin condition and even eliminate acne entirely.

How To Get Rid Of Acne FAST

How To Get Rid Of Acne FAST Part 3 – Morning and Night Routine To Get Rid Of Acne Fast

How to get rid of acne FAST? Some anti-acne creams and serums are better than others. You not only need to find the best treatment, but you also need to know how and when to use it correctly.

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