Macronutrients and Micronutrients for Fat Loss

Once you reach a weight level you are happy with, you enter the weight maintenance phase. This is a place many people make a mistake of going back to old habits and gaining everything back. Think of “The Biggest loser” TV show participants who managed to drop a lot of weight in a short time but later they gained it all back and sometimes even more than that. Don’t fall into the yo-yo dieting trap, make sure you change your lifestyle permanently to keep fit. Ideally, you need to adopt a lifestyle that allows for your weight maintenance without conscious efforts.

You will have to adopt both diet changes as well as activity changes for the sake of overall health and weight maintenance. An example of diet change can be cutting simple carbs in your meals for more vegetables. To put it simply, fewer potatoes, more tomatoes. Take a smaller pastry instead of the bigger one. Cut carbonated and sugary drinks out and replace those with unsweetened green tea, water, black coffee. You got the idea.

A few examples of activity changes are biking to school or work, taking stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the farthest point on the parking lot to walk farther, taking evening walks after dinner with your loved one, and so on. Possibilities are limitless, you will just have to see what works for you.

Let me emphasize that I am talking about simple healthy weight maintenance, nothing more, nothing less. If you are trying to put on muscle, train for endurance events such as a triathlon, etc, you will have different considerations than an individual who is attempting to keep his or her weight in the acceptable range.

Keep in mind what you will have to keep track of your weight, both visually and by scales. If you have a hard time fitting in your pants which used to fit ok before, it is a clue that you are gaining weight again. Analyze reasons it is going on and go back to square one. In our modern society of a developed country, unless you adopt an optimum lifestyle that facilitates weight maintenance, there always will be a struggle not to blow up again. It will take time and effort, but it is worth it.

Water consumption

This is very important. Water is essential for humans, period. Water helps facilitate a lot of functions in the body including metabolism support and nutrient delivery.

As a positive side effect, water helps you feel more full and less hungry.

Also, often we mistake thirst for hunger and eat instead of drinking, so you might drink a few cups of water when you feel hungry and stop food cravings.

Some people say that drinking ice water helps with fat loss because it requires the body to burn more calories to warm it up. I would say drink water at a comfortable temperature for you. I drink room temperature water simply because I like it more than ice-cold water and I can drink more of it. It will take some practice to consistently drink water, but it will later become second nature. Make it a part of your lifestyle and you will never look back.

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