Human Body Energy Consumption

Understanding the basics is the most important part of your fat loss. While there are plenty of ways to tweak your fat loss plan, it all boils down to the basic concept, calories in, calories out. To lose weight, you will have to burn more calories than you consume, period. Either you are following it and losing weight, or you are not following it and not losing weight. There is no way around it and no supplements or weight loss plans can change it for you.

However, there are multiple ways to integrate this understanding into your plan. For example, you follow “eat small meals to keep the metabolism up“ concept. You still have to make sure to consume fewer calories in total. If you eat six meals of 600 calories total, it will be 3600, which is too much for most people to effectively lose weight, unless you have a lot of physical activity during the day.

If you eat the same six meals, but only 300 calories each, it will bring you up to 1800 a day which might be just right for you.

There are a variety of recommendations for how many calories to consume for individuals to lose weight. Numerous sources recommend 15 calories per pound of body weight for optimum fat loss. Those recommendations are too simplistic. Plenty of aspects are going into fat loss such as age, body type, total body weight, gender, activity level, etc. You can easily search for an online human body calorie expenditure calculator to get a ball pack figure. Again, this is just a rough estimate, you will have to keep track of your calories and do adjustments yourself.

For example, if you find out that 2000 calories are what you need to consume to lose weight. You consume this amount for one week and you have lost 2 pounds. Since 2 pounds per week is considered an optimum and healthy fat loss, just keep doing what you are doing, you can adjust later if the need arises.

If with the same amount of calories consumed you lost a pound or so, you can cut your calories down to 1700-1800 to speed the process up. If you find out you lost over two pounds, you might want to increase your calorie intake. Don’t chase faster weight loss. Use 2 pounds a week as your goal. If you are just starting it is normal to notice a sudden weight drop in the first few weeks since it might include not only fat but also water and glycogen which is muscle stored carbs. However, in the long run, you would be better off with a slow and steady weight loss.

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